T-shirt printing do’s and don’ts

You might think that printing a simple clothing article, as a T-shirt cannot be complicated, because you only have to decide the model of the T-shirt you want to have customised, and the model you want to print, and that’s it. Well, if it would be to think from the point of a specialist in this domain, you would know that there are some rules you have to follow. This is why you should collaborate with a professional company, because they would know what aspects they should have in view when they design the print for your T-shirt. If you want to look awesome, and everyone to admire your T-shirts, you should collaborate with a company like Prints Canada, because experts would handle your project.

What to do when printing T-shirts

The first thing you have to do is to decide upon the model, because you have to be sure that you like it, even if you customise the T-shirt for you or for your friends. The fabric of the clothing article is very important, because not all of them react well when they are placed under the printing machine. Also you should ask the opinion of a specialist when you want to choose the T-shirt, because not only the material is important but also the colour. Not all the colours discharge well, and you might end up damaging a clothing article you actually like. You should stay with black and white shades, or nude tones, because they seem to be the most suitable ones for this process. Do not forget to talk with the printing specialist to see if there have to be done any changes to the model.

What not to do when customising T-shirts

The first thing you do not have to do is to choose a T-shirt which features zippers, pockets or over seams in the area you want to have the print. For getting the best quality the specialists have to work on a flat surface, because they have to place it between a screen and a pallet. Another don’t would be to chose a T-shirt in one of the following colours: turquoise, forest, teal, cobalt, red, purple, Kelly green or royal blue, because they do not look well when they feature a print. Also, you should know that you have to carefully look at the articles in case you want to print T-shirts for more than one persons, for example for a football team, because even if you buy them from the same place, they would not look the same due to the human factor. Therefore, you do not have to imagine that they would look identically, because you will be disappointed. They would look slightly the same, and you will notice the differences between them only to a closer look. Also you should not have the impression that the printed T-shirts will look good as long as the simple ones do, because in time the print stretches, and it would look damaged. These are the main do’s and don’ts of printing a T-shirt, so carefully look at them, and take them into consideration.

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