The daily struggle of managing mental illness

PTSD, depression, anxiety, these are all mental illnesses and quite frequent ones. Sometimes, the hardest part of these struggles is the stigma usually associated with it. As a person with similar issues, you rarely find the understanding and love that you need, most often than not, being discriminated against by society and dismissed because of your mental health. Our society begins to change is opinion and views on mental health, lately, thanks to more open discussions and debates on the topic. However, there are still plenty of daily struggles of those facing mental health issues.


Although incredibly common, there is a lot of stigma when it comes to mental concerns such as PTSD and depression. The comorbidity rates are also concerning in these patient’s case. Living and growing up in a society where people don’t truly understand mental illness and the educational system lacks completely such information, mentally ill individuals face daily the stigma that comes with a similar diagnosis. However, what people don’t know about these illnesses is that they are relatively easy to be kept under control. If you find reliable PTSD or depression treatment centers, the recovery and management chances are incredibly high.

People are never aware that others with mental illness diagnosis work in very good positions but enjoy a great treatment that allows them to function properly. In many people’s vision, those with mental illness are unable to work or deliver good results, regardless of their attempts. Many people think that those with mental illness cannot take care of or look after children. In some cases, they claim that mentally ill people shouldn’t even be around children as they are seen as a threat.


Besides being stigmatized, people that face depression or anxiety are seen as inferior, unreliable and potentially dangerous. All these, simply because of their diagnosis. Once again, many are unaware of the fact that depression and anxiety are perfectly curable or at least, manageable. The public image of mental illness is a violent, out of control person and this leads to severe discrimination against these patients.

Lack of proper care

In many cases, although there are effective therapy centers, people don’t receive the proper care that they need. Plus, with several expectations, the therapies available in recovery centers are not always the best. In a system where, outdated medication and therapies are still the rule, finding proper care and treatment is increasingly difficult.

When their voices aren’t heard by their loved ones, chances of receiving proper treatment drop drastically. This way, mentally ill individuals live in loveless environments, are stigmatized and discriminated against on a daily basis.

These are some of the daily struggles of those facing mental illness. However, you should know that all these concerns are perfectly treatable and manageable and with proper care and treatment, the recovery chances are amazingly high. However, make sure that you choose a reputable center, as outdated, traditional ones, only have 20% recovery rates.



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