Tips for planning a summer marquee wedding

Marquee weddings are enjoying widespread approval among British couples and it is not hard to see why. They are highly flexible not only in the sense that you are able to cater to numerous guests or you can choose where the celebration takes place, but also in the sense that you can do the decoration yourself. Marquee weddings are a basic ingredient for success. However, the amount of work they imply should not be underestimated. Any summer wedding is a challenge, but marquee weddings can be downright burdensome. You will need good supplies to make sure that your big day is as perfect as it can be. If you really want to undertake planning a marquee wedding from scratch, then you should always choose an industry supplier like Cameo Event Hire who can provide you the provisions you need for the “big day”. With regards to the organisation of the event, follow these tips and you will be okay.


  • 2 Know your weather
  • 3 Think about the layout
  • 4 Decoration
  • 5 Catering – a crucial element  


    Know your weather

    Summer marquee weddings are popular due to the good weather. While summer is typically associated with hot weather, you should pay attention to prevailing rain that also characterises this time of the year. Even if the marquee is designed to withstand wind and water, your guests will still have to walk to and from the tent. When the weather is particularly wet, which is not something uncommon in Britain, consider adding a wooden floor. This way, your guests will be protected from getting muddy, not to mention that their elegant shoes will not sink in the ground. The point is that you should check the weather forecast and be prepared for unpredictable situations.

    Think about the layout

    Your thoughts should be directed towards the site of the reception at this point. For example, a traditional marquee will not go hand in hand with a tennis court. Could you really place a dance floor on the tennis court? Of course not. You would not be able to do anything due to the guy ropes. A more suitable location would be a garden. Here you could place a grand entrance point, a dance stage and other things. If you have a feature in the garden that you would like to incorporate, then you should. A tree or a flower border will be an excellent addition.


    Organising a summer marquee wedding is not tough if you plan ahead of time. The first decorative items you should look at are chandeliers. The lighting dictates the atmosphere and chandeliers do have that “wow” factor. Equally important is thinking about centrepieces and chair arrangements. Large floral decorations will certainly make an impression, but you can also go for simplicity. No matter if you choose bog or simple centrepieces, the decoration should reflect your personal style. If you do not have ideas, ask your florist for suggestions. Do not forget the stage. The stage is the main focal point, so make sure to use the right type of lighting.

    Catering – a crucial element  

    There are a number of great options when it comes to choosing caterers. Yet, you have to make sure that they have access to fresh water, which depending on your venue can be tricky. Since great food is an important part of your marquee wedding, you need to make sure that the food suppliers are reliable. Do not judge based on the company’s website. What you should do is try their work.

    If you find that these tasks are too difficult to handle, you can hire a wedding planner to help you. You will still have control over your wedding, the main difference being that you will not go at it alone.

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