Tips to maintaining your roof

Even though when it comes to roof maintenance, you should always call a team of roofing Laval specialists, there are a few things that you can do yourself once in a while, in order to protect your roof from any possible future problems.

Remove loose debris

If your house is placed close to trees, some branches will always fall whenever the weather is a bit windy. In addition, during the fall season leaves can gather on your roof and potentially damage it if they are not removed in time. To this extent, every late autumn, when all the leaves have fallen from the trees you should take a ladder and carefully remove all loose debris that might be on your roof. You don’t necessarily have to climb on the actual roof, you just need a longer broomstick in order to remove anything that should not be there.

Clean your gutters

Clogged gutters can always pose problems during heavy rainfalls or during the spring, when all the snow gathered on your roof starts to melt. Many people are reluctant to clean their gutters because they think it will take a long time, but usually this task on take half an hour or slightly longer depending on how big your house is. So arm yourself with a pair of rubber gloves and start cleaning those gutters as soon as you suspect they might be filled with fallen leaves.

Don’t forget your general inspection

Even before you call the specialists to have a look at your roof, you should have a look yourself, just to know whether or not you have something to point out to the inspectors when they comes. Check the attic and the ceilings for any stains, as they could indicate that water is seeping into your home and that your roof needs to be repaired. When you are on the ladder, cleaning the gutters, you should also have a look and check whether or not there are any missing shingles or any cracks and be sure to indicate these problems to the roofers as soon as they arrive.

How often should I inspect my roof?

The roof should be inspected regularly, but usually twice a year will do. The best time to inspect it is during autumn and spring, as those are the seasons when most problems become visible. You should also ask your roof inspectors if they have any advice to give you on how to take better care of your roof.

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