Types of devices that make your car safer

When it comes to automobile safety, there are designs and studies that produce equipment fitted to understate the emergence and consequences of traffic impacts. The importance of seat belts and air bags is crucial but these items are not enough. Nowadays, the number of car accidents is getting higher and higher and this is why technology helps us find devices that keep us safe. Vehicle safety systems help you keep yourself, your family and the people around you safe.

Sensing system for children

This system was created to reduce lesions or even the decease of small children. This system is a sort of an air bag with sensors that can tell the weight of the front seat passenger and the pressure on the seat. It determines the size of the passenger and if the airbag goes on in case of an accident.

Backup detection device

This is a great device, which warns you if you get closer to another automobile when you back up. This system is very useful, decreasing the number of collisions that happen when backing up. It also saved many bicycles in highways.

Head restraints that can save lives

One of the most common things that are caused by car accidents is head lesions. The head restraints are placed on the top of the front seats and they reduce these types of wounds. The technology of advanced devices makes the risk of head injuries even lower.

A heads up display will help you avoid accidents

Many times, accidents happen with the blink of an eye. It could be just a matter of seconds for a tragedy to happen. Although drivers should keep their eyes on the road permanently, sometimes it is difficult to do that, especially when the driver has to check different things, for example the speed. A heads up display is able to place the pieces of information you need above the windscreen, so you could watch the road while receiving the information that you need.

Pedestrian emergency braking

This technology can prevent an accident or reduce the impact of a crush. It is equipped with radar and a camera that detect pedestrians. This system can determine if the people who are near the vehicle are in danger or not. Remember that keeping other people safe is very important

Knees airbags that prevent serious wounds

Knee lesions are a very common result of a car crash. With the help of this device, your knees will be protected with the help of the special cushions, and the risk of injuries will be smaller.

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