Use ribbons and style your hair in a fashionable way

Every woman loves to stand out, and they have many possibilities to do so, because they can impress with their clothes, shoes or hair. If you are one of the persons who likes to change her hairstyle periodically, you should try accessorising it with ribbon, because this seems to be the new trend on the runways. In addition, there are many online stores, which can offer you wholesale ribbon for hair bows, so you can have your own ribbon supplies. Here are some hairstyles that can be accessorised with ribbon.


  • 2 Halo Braid
  • 3 French Braid
  • 4 Ballerina bun
  • 5 Fishtail
  • Use ribbons and style your hair in a fashionable way


    Halo Braid

    The halo braid is the perfect hairstyle for the women who like to wear their hair in a romantic way. If you have long hair you should style it in a single braid, and twist in a gold or sheer pink ribbon. It is true that it is not easy to master this hairstyle, but once you do, you will definitely impress all your friends.

    French Braid

    The thing with this hairstyle is that it never gets out of fashion. You have the possibility to wear all your hair in a French braid or only half of it. Either ways, you can simply twist through the braids of hair a coloured ribbon and create a unique look.

    Ballerina bun

    Everyone loves the way ballerinas wear their hair, because they are elegant and simple, and you can easily take it from day to night. You only have to pull all your hair up and twist it into a bun. In case you want a day look, you should accessorise it with a ribbon in a warm tone for a feminine look, or in a bold one, like red if you are opting for a black outfit. This will definitely help you stand out. In addition, if you want to take your look from day to night, you only have to change the ribbon with a shimmery one, because it will make you shine everywhere you go.


    If you are not a fan of the classic French braid, you can go for a fishtail. You can opt for a side one, and accessorise it with thin multi-coloured ribbons for a more playful look, or you can make a fishtail from only half of your hair, and knot a ribbon bow at its end. It is only up to you how you wear ribbon to impress people around you.

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