Veranda extensions and what they can do for your home and garden


Regardless of the climate you find yourself in, a veranda can do wonders for the aesthetics of every home as well as providing a series of benefits in terms of utility. Family time spent in a place like this helps with relaxation and family cohesion, many finding a place they all enjoy spending time in and becoming closer. SunSpaces verandas are very popular amongst UK families for a series of reasons. If you consider installing one, we are going to give you some of the benefits of proceeding so.

1. Verandas offer great protection against outdoor conditions

While weather is quite moody around UK, verandas offer the great benefit of spending time outside your home and being protected from extreme sun, rain and wind. During winter, veranda owners choose on having an outdoor heater installed and the great privilege of warmth during a truly cold season. So, while there might be an unfavourable climate for staying outside, you can still enjoy reading a book on your veranda, protected by snow, wind and rain.

2. Verandas add value to a house

Building a veranda is somewhat similar with building a room. As you can probably imagine, the market value of your home after building this annex increases considerably. Also, since it is a completely different type of space from a room, it is considerably more attractive, functional, and having the ability of pushing your house’s value up.

3. Increased attractiveness of the house

A highly desirable addition to your home, verandas are classy and exquisite, making the time spent in our homes more enjoyable. Also, verandas are spaces you can personalise so they fit your personal taste and the house’s design. Making it beautifully blend in with the rest of the house is not difficult, since companies providing such services and products have reputable teams of interior designers working for them. Also, the fact that you can add a type of roofing to them makes them appropriate for a number of circumstances, all depending on your preferences, all depending on your main house.

4. Increased opportunities for spending family time

Family time is a valuable not all of us benefit from. Busy schedules and bad coordination make this thing even worse. However, verandas offer the great opportunity for spending more time with the family, playing some board games, socialising, and building up relationships. A large number of families choose turning them in family rooms specifically for this reason. They are spaces where all members enjoy staying, and this offers a great opportunity for those who lack family time from their schedules fix this.

Adding a veranda to your home is a great investment, for all the reasons described above. Not only they add great value to a home, they also provide protection, increase the attractiveness levels of your home and make it possible to spend more time in a family context. Also, verandas can make time spent with friends a lot more pleasant.

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