Ways of preparing your child for freshman year of college

Now that your child has graduated high school, he will apply for college and almost everything around home will change. You will have to not be prepared to not see him for a couple of months, and you have to be prepared, because when he will come home in the holiday, he will not be the same child as he is now. You have to get used that he is ready to take on the world without you, but this does not mean that he does not need your help anymore. Yes, he will change in the following period, but right now, you have to prepare him for this change. The first thing you have to prepare him for is the student accommodation London, because he is used to stay at home, where you offer him everything and help him with whatever he might need.


  • 2 Help him get accustomed
  • 3 Discuss money matters
  • 4 Help him manage his time
  • Ways of preparing your child for freshman year of college


    Help him get accustomed

    It is important for a freshman student to be able to get accustomed with his new style of life, because in this way he will be able to make friends quickly, and he will not get depressed. Many students experience depression when they leave home for the first time, and you have an essential role in this situation, because you can help him avoid this situation. One important aspect in doing this is the accommodation, because specialists recommend parents to rent for their children a student accommodation. The reason is that they will stay together with other students, both freshmen and older, and they will help each other. Because he might not be accustomed with the house chores, he will be able to share them with someone, if you rent him an accommodation, which implies having a roommate. In addition, in the exams period he will get a lot of help from the older students, because they can offer him advices on what he should learn for certain subjects.

    Discuss money matters

    It is important for you to talk with your child about this subject, because you help him become aware that he will have to manage the money you offer him. Because he will not be around you 24/7 you will not be able to offer him money whenever he needs it, so you will give him a fix amount of money every month, and he will have to manage them to have enough until the next month.

    Help him manage his time

    Time and money have to be managed wisely, because either way he will be overwhelmed. You have to talk with him and let him know that he will have to spend more time on classes than he done when he was in high school, because they last longer. Also, he has to understand that being a lone in a new city does not mean that he has to waste his time in doing whatever activities his colleagues propose, because he has to focus on his things. Learning to manage his time will help him stay relaxed, and have time for doing much more activities, than he would do when the feeling of being independent would overwhelm him.

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