What can I do to lengthen the lifespan of my garbage disposal?


Your garbage disposal is one of the most useful appliances, because it eliminates the food waste, and it helps you keep the pipes clean. It is such a powerful tool that it washes the food waste from your sink directly into the sanitation system. This appliance features blades that cut the food remnants into small pieces that will not clog the pipes, and you will not experience that bad odor you felt before purchasing it. However, you should know that in time the blades of the disposal may lose their functionality and may become dull, so you have to make sure that you check it regularly, to see if it functions properly. If you have a garbage disposal like a Waste King garbage disposal, then you should check the following aspects, because some factors influence the functionality of the device, and reduce its effectiveness.

What it shortens its lifespan?

If it were to think at the factors that will shorten the lifespan of your garbage disposal, then you should include on the list flushing coffee grounds, chicken bones and other similar materials. They are too hard to be flushed down the drain. In time, they will dull the blades and they can even lead to a jam or make it stop working completely. In addition, you should not pour corrosive chemicals as drain cleaner, ammonia or bleach down the drain, because they will corrode the system and you will have to replace it sooner than you may think. If you want to know more about the factors that shorten the lifespan of your device, then you should read garbage disposal reviews.

How can you lengthen the lifespan of the disposal?

If you want to use this appliance for a long period of time, then you should flush only thin and soft items through it, as bread, egg shells, soft vegetables, and small amounts of meat, cereals and rice. Also, you should make sure that you have the water on, when you flush the disposal, and when the device works. Water is essential, because it helps it lubricate the mechanism and it will save wear and tear. It is important to use cold water, because in this way you prevent fats from melting inside the housing.

Additional maintenance is important

In case you accidently slip a fork or other undesired object into the garbage disposal, then you should turn off the power and try to recover it with the help of a pair of tongs. You should never stick your hands into the device. In case you notice that in the kitchen you smell a bad odor, then this may be a sign that there is a buildup in the disposal and it may decompose inside. You can prevent this situation if you pour white vinegar down the drain and then turn on the water a few minutes later. The average garbage disposal has a lifespan of 10 or 12 years, but the condition is to properly maintain it. You should check the instructions offered by the provider, and see how you can prolong its lifespan


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