What to Look for in a Quality Bread Maker

If you have a hectic schedule and you don’t have time do the even the simplest house chores, then it seems wise to invest in an appliance that will help you save time and thus make your life easier. One of the most popular kitchen appliance is the bread machine. If you analyze the latest bread-machine ratings, you will notice that best units can help you make healthy and delicious loaves of bread in just a couple of hours, without requiring any effort on your part. Moreover, they can also be used for preparing other types of food. When choosing a bread machine, you have to pay attention at a couple of things.

The loaf size

On the today’s market you will find different bread machine models that are capable of making different loaf sizes. Either you are planning to make a simple 1 pound loaf of bread or a two pound bread, you can find a great device to help you achieve these results. It is recommended to opt for a bread machine that has adjustable programs so that you can set it to make the right size of bread for your needs. This feature is extremely handy, because homemade bread can stay fresh for a few days only, so make sure you don’t waste bread.

Horizontal or vertical?

Traditional bread machine can make only vertical loaves of bread so we can not talk about versatility when using an old bread maker. Luckily, today there are many models that are capable of producing horizontal loaves that have a more authentic look, like they have been made in a professional bakery. However, it’s only a matter of taste after all so next time you are thinking about getting a bread maker, make sure that you find a model that is able to produce your desired bread shape.

Special features

A more expensive bread model may include several bake and knead settings. It’s always nice to have a bread machine that is capable of making bread without actually baking it. This way you can use the bread dough and finish it in an oven or store it in the fridge to use it whenever you like. Some machines can also produce pasta or pizza dough, so that you don’t have to knead the dough by hand anymore.

Baking pans

The number one mistake that people make when buying a bread machine is that they don’t pay attention at the baking pan. We all know that pans are very hard to clean and maintain, so it seems wise to opt for a machine that comes with a high quality baking pan. It’s therefore recommended to opt for a solid baking pan, preferable one that is non-stick so that you can clean it more easily. You should also make sure to get a bread machine that comes with wire handles, so that you are able to remove it more easily.

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