What you should know about the Personal Independence Payment

Many people ask themselves if they can get Personal Independence Payment. Well you should know that you are eligible for this program if you are disabled, or you are sick for a long period of time. When you are sick or ill for a long period of time you might have issues working, and this means that you need help with paying your bills. You will not receive a great amount of money, but the sum you will get will help you live independently. So, if you want to find more details about this program, you will need the dla phone number. You can search it online, because there are multiple directories that will offer you information on the contact details of the institutions that can offer you support during the process.

Who is eligible to get Personal Independence Payment?

This program is designed to help people with ages between 16 and 64. They are considered to be at the working age, and they can experience situations when they need help. To be eligible for this payment you should show the authorities that you are disabled or you suffer from a condition that does not allow you to work. This disability makes difficult for you to handle the demands of your daily life. In addition, it is important this issue to be a long-term one. You should experience it for at least 3 months on the moment when you ask the payment. The problem should last for at least 9 months from the moment when you ask help. Also the people who suffer from a chronic disease and they are in a terminal phase, can ask for help. It is important to contact the authority that is responsible with offering you information. You can find their phone number on the same site where you find the next customer service. Only the persons who have lived in the UK for at least 2 years are able to apply for it.

How much will you get?

If you are eligible for getting Personal Independence Payment, then you will receive an income every four months. The standard sum is £55.10 a week, but according to your specific conditions, you can even get £82.30 a week. If you are not able to move, then you will also receive a mobility payment and this can be from £21 a week, to £58 a week. You cannot get more than £140.

How can you claim Personal Independence Payment?

If you want to apply for this payment, you should call the number registered for this purpose. You should offer the expert who answers your call, information about your medical state. In addition, they will ask you your National Insurance number, so you should make sure you have it at hand. In case you are living in Northern Ireland, then you should know that the process implies other steps, and you should ask for information. You will also have to fill a form regarding your condition. In case you are terminally ill, then the process will be faster, and you will benefit from the payment faster than other people will.

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