What you should not do when getting a divorce

There are some mistakes men and women do when they find themselves in a divorce process. Those mistakes can affect both the process and your life afterwards. They can affect the amount of money spent on lawyers, the duration of the process, the lives of the children, if there are any involved. Furthermore, they can affect you future relationships. An ugly divorce can be avoided if you follow some simple information from this Divorce Process Infographic. Besides the legal matters presented there, you must follow some basic notions in order to have a smooth divorce process.

1. Neglecting the importance of a lawyer

If your partner has filled in the divorce papers and got a lawyer, you should get a lawyer, too. They will try to convince you that their lawyer is going to take care of everything and this is true. Partially, at least.  Their lawyers are surely going to take care of everything, but they will certainly not work in your favor. Therefore, check this Avvo profile and get a lawyer yourself. If you do not, you will be either defending yourself against a professional divorce and custody attorney either he will defend both of you. In both cases, you will have a disadvantage. You cannot defend yourself properly in a Court and most probably they common attorney will work in your partner’s favor.

2. Do not involve your children

Obviously, your children are going to be involved in the process, but both of you should try not to use them as a weapon against the other. Do not threaten your soon-to-be former partner to deny the other’s visitation rights if they do not provide more money for you. This can be a source of discomfort for both the other parent and your children. Furthermore, if the Court finds out about such details they will certainly not decide on your best favors.

3. Do not make groundless accusations

Do not accuse your partner of flaws they might not have. Many tend to accuse their partners of not providing the best care for their children or being drug addicts in order to receive full custody of the children or get more money for child support. This can harm both your children and partner and if they receive full custody with the right of visitation, the process of taking your children from and to them can turn into a constant verbal abuse battle. This might leave your children with some emotional issues and a bad image of you.

Following these simple guidelines will make the whole divorce process a lot easier and will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your ex and children. Hiring a professional divorce and custody attorney will work in your advantage and make the process easier to handle. Inform yourself about the fees and benefits of doing so and this will prove itself a good investment. Try to have a decent attitude towards all the parts and you should do just fine.


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