Why should I decorate my house with paintings?


Have you recently moved in a new house? Well then, you might have the impressing that the blank walls look like they are closing in on you, especially if they are painted in a white or nude shade. This is a common impression because when moving in a new house people do not feel it like home. If you have this feeling, then you should try to decorate it in your own way, and the first step is to buy art online. There is no doubt that people simply love to buy paintings and prints, but you have to consider different aspects if you want to get that one-of-a-kind piece of art for your house. If you do not know if you should opt for prints or paintings, here are some good reasons why you should opt for the second type.

Paintings are tactile

When you compare the way, you feel the surface of a print and that of a painting; you simply prefer to touch the last one, because you can feel the luscious textural variations of the piece of art. It does not matter if the artist made it on mottled watercolor paper, canvas or wood, all the paintings have that touchable quality.

If you rented a place, you can make it feel like home with a painting

You might not purchase your own house, but you if you into a rented apartment, you want to bright it up a little. Then you should browse through the items an Artisticbazaar | Χειροποίητοι πίνακες and see what paintings they have, because you will definitely find one to suit the design of the space and match your taste. Also, when you rent it, it might be difficult to change the look of the apartment, but you will be allowed to hang a picture or two on the walls, to make the space feel more you.

The painting makes the room

Painting pieces of art show the hand of their creator, so this will bring richness to every space where they are hanged. A painting will add personality to the space and when you compare it with a printed poster, you simply understand that the factory made pieces of art cannot compete handmade paintings. When you hang a painting on one of the walls of your house, it becomes the focal point of the room. It does not matter if you prefer vintage landscapes, or bold and graphic designs, the painting you choose will have a great impact on the space. There is no other object that has this ability to bring the “wow” factor into a space.

Paintings make the space feel like home

When moving in a new space you might not feel it like your own, until you do not bring your touch on the way it looks. So you should choose a painting you like, and you will see how it changes the space, and makes it feel like home.


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