Wide leg trousers for every occasion

A versatile piece of clothing we are glad is back in style are wide leg trousers. They can be classy and comfortable at the same time, not to mention the fact they are easy to style regardless of the occasion. They can be worn at the office, at a classy dinner, casually at a shopping session, or even at University. The perfect pair of wide leg trousers will boost your confidence and you know that with great confidence come great assets. If you want to find the perfect pants, check out more at stylewe.com. Below are some great ways to style your trousers in different circumstances.

1. The perfect pair for a day at the office

A pair of navy wide leg trousers would do perfectly if you are working in a formal environment. They are classy, yet comfortable and they provide a great way to stay active and productive your entire day. If you want a flawless look, complete your appearance with a plain white T-shirt and an ivory straight-cut coat. Choose a pair of high heels and go for a straight, laid-back hairstyle. Your favorite office bag will perfectly complement the look, and in terms of accessories, less is more. Wear a wristwatch in a rose gold color, and your look is complete.

2. For a classy dinner, pair them with a vintage shirt

You know that shirt Brigitte Bardot is wearing in one of her famous pictures. That is the shirt you want to go for. Either that, or a nigh neck, ruffled shirt. However, make sure you complete the look with a pair of really high heel shoes, a ballerina bun, and some vintage accessories. Forget about the necklace, the shirt itself plays a big role. However, choose a statement ring and some small earrings. A dark lip color is perfect for a classy dinner. However, make sure you pick a transfer resistant lipstick. Your look is now complete.

3. Wear wide leg pants for a wedding party

If you never considered wearing pants to a wedding party, you should start now. Choose a pair of wide leg pants with a cute colorful pattern. For a top, you can wear a white shirt in a light fabric. A pair of nude sandals will do the trick for you, as well as a high bun in terms of hairstyle. Choose a statement necklace and a bold makeup. Dare to be different and wear pants at events everybody expects you to wear the classic little black dress.

4. Shop for new looks with a great look

Most of us are tempted to go shopping wearing anything we have on hand. However, a bit of style would not hurt when you go shopping. Try to wear a pair of wide leg pants in a confortable fabric with a tee and a denim shirt. A necklace in a golden color at the base of your neck would look great, as well as a pair of sneakers or low sandals.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas on how to style wide leg pants and you proceed to buy a pair if you do not already own one.

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