You don’t know where to take your child for his birthday? Check this out

There is that time of the year when you child’s birthday is rapidly approaching and you have no idea how you should surprise him? Amusement parks are the most profitable option for you and your little one, especially if he loves cartoons and can’t wait to meet them in real life. Lately, one of the most beloved cartoon characters is Peppa Pig and you can find it at Paulton’s Park in UK. Here’s what you need to know for celebrating your kid’s birthday:


  • 2 Booking forms and organizational details
  • 3 Menus
  • 4 Birthday invitations and confirmation
  • 5 What else do you need to know?
  • You don’t know where to take your child for his birthday Check this out


    Booking forms and organizational details

    First of all, you need to complete a party booking form and specify there some details such as: the name of the party organizer, party details, number of participants, menu choice, time of eating or special requirements. You need to book the birthday party 7 days prior the event along with an advance payment of 25% of the whole price. You can personalize each meal for every participant individually and you will receive a special dietary requirements notification in case it’s needed. Free party bags are offered. Make sure you check out hotels near Paulto’s Park and book some rooms early.


    You can choose between hot and cold food which include various meals. Pre-booking a party allows you to complete a food table where you will specify your arrival time and the individual preferences. You can bring your own birthday cake and beverage or ask for them separately via phone. For adults, there is a special pricing and a different course menu you can discuss. Special dietary plans are also respected if discussed in time. The price is set per member. Moreover you have the option to opt for a party picnic bag which contains food items that are allowed to be taken into the park.

    Birthday invitations and confirmation

    You can download custom print outs for your kid’s birthday invitations once you selected the number of participants. You should specify the date and time and a short introductory phrase and simply crop them and share them with your little one’s friends. It is recommended to ask for confirmation in several days, so you can give the needed details to the party organizers. If any changes intervene, don’t forget to contact the booking office via phone or email to make sure everything is on point.

    What else do you need to know?

    The minimum number of children to participate to a birthday party at the park is 5 and the tickets are bought at the entrance. You can also book a party room where you can keep your personal belongings, but for this option it is required to check availability early enough. A 7 day notice is necessary if you want to make any changes to your plans or numbering, because you will receive free party bags for each child. And last but not least, you need to have fun along with your loved one and Peppa Pig, where magic meets youth.





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